Were Pequot/Mohegan of Hebrew ancestry

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This is what I have been taught by my elders

Our ancestors followed the food chain across the Striates (what was then a land bridge between what is now Russia & Alaska)"Bering Strait bridge" across (what is now Canada) and then our people continued down into what is now called the Great Lakes in upper New York Lower Canada.

After finely landing on the coast of the Atlantic ocean in the New England Area years later, people from the west, Iceland and beyond did come to visit, hence another reason why many of our people have lighter skin, these people were of the Nordic race.

Hebrew ancestry

Of this I am no expert and even though I have deep love and respect for the people and would love to have ancestors from any of the twelve and for sure the two still accounted for, it appears to be unlikely except maybe within the last few hundred years of occupation by this government?

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