"Does the Medicine Man run Indian ceremonies?"

Medicine man runs Indian ceremonies

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Native American Medicine Men


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The Elder in charge of a Native American Ceremony?


"Does the Medicine Man run Indian ceremonies?"

Actually it is not the Medicine Man or Medicine Woman.

In our tribe and mind you that you did come directly to all three of our posting so you have been here before?

You are always welcome and thank you for your question my friend.

The leader of the tribe, in our case the tribes through-out the Eastern Area, is the Shechaim Ohjieshan Chief.

This person assigns the particular ceremony to the person in the tribe better trained for that particular ceremony, and yes for the most part it would be the Medicine Man or even the Medicine Women.

Allow an explanation/

Tribes west of the Mississippi river were known to have leaders called


I believe that the longer the feathers on ones headdresses, the more important the chief?

However, tribes and I am only talking

'True Traditional Native American Tribes' east of the Mississippi river like the "MOHIIGANS!"

Leaders are called ' Shechaim' or (Shechaim Ohjieshan Chief).

The tribal leader.

As you may have noted lately, time and people pollution, has changed some tribal families in the east so that the leadership has changed to suit the few rather than the many, just as it has in this government in the United States of America?

In this Shechaim Ohjieshan Chief society, responsibility of a job, such as say a 'Naming Ceremony' would be turned over to the best qualified elder, this person was called 'chief' this chief could be female as well as male depending on the ceremony and qualifications and until the designated job was completed this chief answered only to a Head Clan Mother or the Shechaim Ohjieshan Chief.

Once the designated job was completed the title of chief also ended, this was a way to help keep tribal members humble as chief.


Any 'Job' dealing with herb and for sure herbs ending up on the Medicine-Mans table is assign to the Head Clan Mother who in turn assigns the most qualified Clan Mother in her charge for this particular job or correctly stated 'Ceremony."

Called Medicine Women as well as chief?

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