How to Talk to My Kindergartener About Race

Only one way to clean up the Race Card


Stop having a Race Card?

I grow up a Mohiigan I guess that was my "Race Card?"

Stay-at-home mom, feminist, wife

Karen Cordano wrote,

"I Don't Know How to Talk to My Kindergartener About Race?"

T included a classmate in a drawing at school.

He wrote the child’s name and put a label beside the picture.


Another student informed the teacher who took T aside and explained they do not use terms like white and black at school because those words can hurt feelings.

His teacher assured me he was using the word as a descriptor and not out of meanness.

I get it. And I don’t get it. And I get it.


Stop having a Race Card?

A child does not know anything about race or color this must be taught!

Karen Cordano

Karen, you and your husband need to take your family to a non-White family and become

"Good Friends."

Don't know any?

Find some.

I truly believe that any non-African-American for instance, that shows up at a African American Church and asks permission to join the service will be purged from the race card for life.

I grew up in a mixed town, if you will, and my friends were all great friends,

get it?

As a youngster a few of us would spend time on the weekend outside the window or door to a small church enjoying the music until one day we got caught.

This old man invited us in to visit and from that day on I was hooked on friendship, still did not know about a Race Card until I moved south, not even while I was in the navy although I found out years later that it was there and even on my two ships?

People did not tech me about color and or race!

People taught me how to enjoy friendship.

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