Native American Name Giving Ceremony

Welcome City Campbell California

Before going any further I need to point out a few important thing so please bear with me?

While looking for your information you came to only  two sites looking for the answer.

Native American Name Giving Ceremony?

You are in the California side of Indian country, any more west and you go for a swim in the Pacific Ocean.

you came to one of our sites in the eastern part of Indian country, any more east and you swim in the Atlantic Ocean.

The next and last site I am not sure about?

An Educational Resource Site for Teachers and Homeschoolers

My point and thank you so much for the chance to once again teach about our people.

Traditional tribes in your area have their culture and ceremonies and this is good.

Traditional tribes in our area also have our culture and ceremonies that we also believe to be good, how be it might be a little different?

Traditional tribes written about in that 2nd site also have their culture and ceremonies and one would guess that they would explain to children a lot different?

All teachers should teach to children in ways that the child could understand and elders in a native tribe are no different.

We all would use our words, then the words children understand because this is the reason to teach?

The 2nd site you looked into might be written by non-natives for schooling?

No matter the good intention this site leads you away from a traditional culture and ceremony.

Traditional Elder Teachers have a problem with this because it opens the door to bad information about both the tribe and the children, all three tribes, actually four tribes because it writes about two and one is misspelled, three would be tribes in your area and four would be out people.

You see, we do not have Ritual Song, tents, priest, ritualistic phrases or anything else non-native?

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