"Shechaim's tongue twister for the month?"

Lower fuel cost/less Alternative-fuel vehicles
Are we ready for
"Shechaim's tongue twister for the month?"

Among the trickle-down effects of cheaper gas prices are lower sales totals for alternative-fuel vehicles.

Which in turn have forced automakers to slash prices on these vehicles.

On alternative-fuel vehicles in general, for that matter and it is simply that gas prices have been getting cheaper and cheaper.

Prices of alternative-fuel vehicles to come down because gas prices are coming down.

Which means that alternative-fuel vehicles are not selling.

Which also means that alternative-fuel vehicles are way over priced.

Why are that over priced?

Because manufactures do not want you to buy alternative-fuel vehicles.

Why is it that they do not want you to buy alternative-fuel vehicles?

M O N E Y!
Well then, why do manufacturing company make alternative-fuel vehicles?

Because people do buy alternative-fuel vehicles.

It is always about the "Money!"

Still they keep the price of an alternative-fuel vehicle higher than a fuel vehicle to keep most of us buying their fuel guzzling vehicles!


Oil and Gas companies want you to keep buying their fuel and fuel products.

It cost more to build a fuel guzzling vehicles therefore they can justify selling it to you for much, much more.

Alternative-fuel vehicle's also do not need an oil change and have much less wear and tear therefore no more crooked, so called 'Free' 28 point inspection, on your dine just to find things to get you back into their garage!

Alternative fuel vehicle

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