Slocan British Columbia Canada

How much tobacco offering to elder for inipi
Welcome Slocan British Columbia Canada

Although you are quite a ways up north from my people, your people and my people did travel north and south long before someone places a "Border" between our people?

I would like to step out on a limb, so to speak, and give you our answer to your question if I may?

Remembering that our people used herbs now called tobacco long before chemicals were placed into modern tobacco just to get people addicted to smoke and we call this our tobacco (Kinnick, Kinnick) or a group of herbs?


How much tobacco offering to an Elder presiding over a "Sacred Sweat (Sweat-Lodge) Inipi?

First, one must never, never be forced to pay for any true traditional ceremony in our culture, never.

That said, this Elder more than likely uses a lot of his Kinnick-Kinnick through the year so a pouch before the ceremony, any ceremony is always appreciated my friend.


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