13 Things About the Pequot War

Were Pequot/Mohegan copper colored people


Lisa Cooper from

Douglasville, Georgia


This is a good posting from a Elementary-history-teacher from Georgia with little hands on experience about my people, not bad Lisa Cooper.

Remember, back in the 40s, 50s, and 60s when I was going to school there was a 'ton' of information on my people, then along came the
"New Age Casino Indians," and things strangely disappeared?
So she did her homework with what was still around in schools and so on.
No, to copper because our people live in the New England Cold Land.
I do not write about our wars because I hate war, plus no one has ever asked me?

13 Things About the Pequot War

While most state standards state students should be familiar with the relationship between European colonists and Native Americans very few students ever really receive an adequate background regarding the interactions between colonists and natives. Perhaps it is because the standards…..and I’m basically referring to Georgia standards……only mention the interaction not specific interactions such as the Pequot War.

I wish more teachers would spend a little of time discussing the Pequot War since it is one of the first major interactions between colonists and Native Americans. While it is mentioned in many of today’s textbooks being used in lower middle grade classrooms the war is not generally covered at an adequate level and it is usually grouped with King Phillip’s War which occurred almost thirty years after the Pequot War.

She stopped at these sites.
Mohiigan people
Mohican/Pequot/Mohegan's first Village
Mohegan/Pequot Alter

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