Welcome New London Connecticut

Native American belief about the circle of life

Welcome New London Connecticut

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Native American belief about the circle of life


Came to a few of our sites.

I am not sure if I can give you more than our past posting I only wanted to write because it is refreshing to find so many questions from the New England area and two today from my ancestors old stomping grounds in Connecticut?

Hope that some of the questions are from schools?

The one, of many things that I am still missing is the many trips to schools while teaching from 'Sand-Box' to 'Universities' about our ancestors and the land was the hundreds of good questions from teachers and students!

You can to

What does the circle of life mean in the Native American belief

Native American name for circle


When the Ancestors looked to the sky what do you think that they saw?

A round moon and plenty of round stars, trees are rounded at the base and so on.

They found that while dancing at meetings and ceremonies, it was easier and took a lot less space if the dancing was in a circle and so on.

In New England the seasons are of a circle.

Summer, fall, winter and spring.

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