Welcome Wallingford Connecticut

Pipe Ceremonies in New England
Never had a Peace Pipe in New England?
Until (T I O T W C I)
Welcome Wallingford Connecticut
How did you like my introduction?

If you are an old traditionalist you will understand.

If you are a youngster or new to our sites you might be a little confused by my statement?

This is ok because you see, many, not all, Indians west of the Mississippi river still do not understand?

Some 25 or so years ago they came over to our villages, we had no reservation or nations, and decided to teach, more like belittle, our young into how we must only follow their way.

You thought that only the Euro-Americans did this did you?

Well you were wrong just look around your states in New England now and you will see the mistakes being carried out in "Modern New England Indian Country!"

You were looking for information about,

pipe ceremonies in New England


At the top of your list,

You came to a few of my sited.

Never had a Peace Pipe in New

Our sacred prayers at ceremonies.



So, what is this T I O T W C I?

The Invasion Of The Western Casino Indians!

This is simple to answer because only the Western Indians were at war with the United States Calvary.

There was no United States let alone a Calvary while we were being abused, swindled, assassinated and/or assimilated by our invaders!

Tribe to tribe or person to person used a Friendship Pipe at our ceremonies.

Yes I am a little bitter, no a lot bitter, because my land, the land of my ancestors has been over run by Euro-Americans plus Casino Indians and Wannabes and I will have to answer to my ancestors someday soon because they, my elders, spent my life time teaching and health sent me south.

The easiest, quickest and cheapest way for the states in New England and the United States of America to settle thousands of land disputes was to gather a few of these western, and wannabe Indians and some Euro-Americans, give them a little non-usable land, call the land a reservation, a west of the Mississippi river word and cast aside all true traditionalist that would not go against the ancestors.


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