Llanelli in Carmarthenshire United Kingdom

Native American opening ceremony prayers

Welcome to my first visitor from the City of Llanelli in Carmarthenshire United Kingdom

I traveled your beautiful country a few times back in the 60's and loved every second of the visit!

Looking for information about a
Native American opening ceremony prayers
To one of our posting
Our sacred prayers at ceremonies

First we must remember that there are still well over a thousand tribes across Indian Country and each might differ in prayer and ceremonies?

Some ceremonies start with a bag of wind standing up front forever trying to let people know how well he/she can speak and some little nobody like yours truly, just want to be quick about it and go sit down?

Truth be known,

Kiehtan, our name for Creator, is always watching everything going on Mother Earth and is the Supreme Being,

so impressing Kiehtan with a prayer would be just talk as you would to any elder.

However, you did come to our site so, if you want to understand what you call the opening prayer this would be my answer?

Because you, I assume because you asked, are having a ceremony?
The first thing everyone should do is invite Kiehtan to join in?

So, ask your God for a blessing on your ceremony and please come join in with the people?

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