Katniss is real, and she is an Apache.

Selling Off Apache Holy Land
MAY 29, 2015

A special thank you to (Lemotue) my west coast Clan Mother.

I did write about this some time ago and as you can see NO-ONE'S writing can stand against the onslaught of money from all around the world when it comes to politics!

Land Grab by Foreign Mining Companies
Katniss is real, and she is an Apache.

While we were all looking the other way, sacred Apache land (that was also property of the American people as a whole) was sold to an Australian-British mining company that will soon have the rights to leave a 2-mile crater in the area. How did this happen? Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake slipped the deal in at the last minute at the bottom of a much-needed military defense spending bill. Apache have been camped out on the sacred site of Oak Flat ever since, and this young warrior, along with a handful of others, traveled to NYC all the way from Arizona to try to bring attention to her people's plight.

Let's help this story spread and let this real life rebel know that she is not alone, and that the American people won't stand for this betrayal to us all.

Congress is set to approve the giveaway of 2,400 acres of National Forest lands, including the burial, ceremonial and medicinal lands of the San Carlos Apaches, to Resolution Copper, a subsidiary of British-Australian Rio Tinto Mining Corp., a company with a long history of environmental and human rights abuses in developing countries. The open-pit mine would come within 1,500 feet of Apache Leap, a dramatic cliff face where, according to legend, 75 Apache warriors leapt to their deaths rather than surrender to the U.S. Cavalry. Apaches are concerned it would affect nearby Oak Flat, which from time immemorial has been the site of ancient traditional ceremonies like their sunrise dances that mark the passage of young girls to womanhood. It is also the place where they go to collect their medicinal plants and the acorns they use for everything from ceremonial uses to cooking.


From what I have been reading lately in the news, our congress is between 85 and 90% Christian?

Well whatever it is?

How in their Gods name do they explain to Jesus Christ in the end of our time, just how crooked they all have become?

The Parable of the Good Samaritan

Luke 10:25-37New

We might as well just bottle this up and hand it to every congress in the United States of America?

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