Eastern Woodland Regalia

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Eastern Woodland Warriors Regalia

Traditional Eastern Woodland Regalia

This subject has not come up for a few years so it might be a good time for some enlightenment?

Regalia for native people in the cold in the north before first contact was fur and/or skins for the most part.

Regalia for native people in the southern parts of Indian country was not often spoken about in our area while I was growing with my elders?

In our warm and hot weather we wore less to fit the season.

Now because you came to our site on " Eastern Woodland Warriors Regalia," lets write about this?

In our area, yours and mine throughout New England, while at war our people did not dress in flashy bright war clothing as did the non-natives and we did not stand up and march abreast nor by load musical instruments (Drums and The Fifer ).

Our non native enemies called us cowards, we called it smart!

When at war, WAR?

If an enemy does not like the way we war, the enemy should not war with us!

Our people dressed in comfortable regalia according to the seasons and to blend into our surroundings.

After all if our enemy was going to kill something, let it be a tree, a boulder or a rock?

Spotting an enemy, step out let an arrow fly or sling a rock and quickly step back behind the tree, boulder or rock?

The Dutch, Spanish, French and English lost a lot of people being proud warriors?

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