Tobacco, Herbs, Kinnick-Kinnick

Welcome to the visitor that came directly to one of our postings from Milwaukee Wisconsin

Herbs, Kinnick, Kinnick is our Tobacco

As you may or may not know, according to my elders, now ancestors, our people over in the east coast (Mohiigan's) and yes as of lately our tribe has been given many names?

Our tribe came to this land in the north eastern part of Indian country from around your area.

And because of the abuse after first contact, many traveled back west.

Both to and from was such a long time ago that tribes in and around your area may have some different ceremonies by now?

However, for as far back as my knowledge while picking my elders brains, our tobacco was always a mix of many herbs, no chemicals, called Kinnick-Kinnick.

Because we are of a Matriarch society, our Medicine women find, pick, clean and prepare the herb to make ready for our Medicine man.

In other words, 'Chemical Cigarettes' are taboo and by using them in any type of our ceremony is an insult to our people,  your knowledge, any elder, anyone that you wish to gift and most of all to Kiehtan our Creator!

I do hope that this is of some help?
If not questions are always welcome.

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