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To a posting years ago that it looks as if the person withdrew their question?

Native American Christian Speaks on “Why?” 4/12/11

As you can see, I did answer?

With all due respect and speaking as a long time(Saved Native American)

I must disagree with some of this information.

For instance I do not believe that is Christianity, that Native people have a problem with it is the word religion!

When I was going to round table meeting at collages some time ago I find that the young men and women focused more on ideas that

'Native Americans and for that matter Jesus Christ' did not have a religion.

Jesus Christ always preached God the father and all of the good things that his father god has to offer them.

A Traditional Native American always looks to the Creator in prayer.

God is the creator of everything, Creator is God!

This might have been the ordinal question, it was so long ago?

Natives Americans/Christians, Why?

Because if you truly want our people to come pray with you, we would like to see you walking in your Gods sandals and praying as often as we walk in our moccasins while praying to our God?

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