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Native American Apology Ceremony

There are a number of Apology Ceremonies in the Mohiigan Tribe, the above posting is the last one that I wrote about, I am not sure if it helped you or not?

I also am not an expert in tribes in your country or their ceremonies, did you try asking tribes in or around Surry?

One other example of the many Apology Ceremonies.

In the 80's and 90's of the "Great Uncasvillage Gold Rush!"

When tribal members left my grandfathers meeting hoping to reap some of the rewards from the 'Government Controlled Indians', were removed of their paperwork and knowledge and soon after dumped out onto the streets, some left for up north, some west and many came back.

If they came back and asked, did not give knowledge in the Whiteman's court, plus did not hand over tribal papers, they were allowed to walk the Circle of Forgiveness.

If you write as to why the need for the apology we might better at helping?

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