Grass Valley California

Welcome to our little corner of the world as far from your beautiful town as one can get and still be in Indian Country, the USA.

It looks like you came directly to this site?

The Story of the Teardrop

So, just in case, remember that tribes, especially this far apart will have some if not all, different ceremonies and culture?

For instance, many tribes around your state call the ceremony, "A Dream Catcher!"

Most are now made in factories and this country has few if any factories.

They are round with pretty colors.

Ours are in the shape of a tear Drop and we, at least the traditionalist, try to stick with bird of prey feathers?

That said, the idea and the ceremony is the only thing that really matters?

To help children sleep a little more peaceful.

Thank-you Spider Women!

It is always a blessing to receive questions and comments from friends near and far, thank-you for your visit.

May the your Creator bless you all the days of your life.

Shechaim Ohjieshan

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