Norwich Connecticut Ceremonies

I am not writing your comment and in fact I removed it!

Because your language is not allowed on our websites or blogs.


Let's get down to the Nitty Gritty of your comment?

In 1986 I committed myself to a promise to my father just before his crossing.

Crossing ceremony, just in case you do not know this ceremony either,
is a passage ceremony, his trip to be with his Creator.

"I promised to turn my back (Another ceremony), on all gaming!"

I have and will continue to honor my promise because he is now with our ancestors.

Remember that my promise to my grandfather is only for 'Bingo'
because there were no casinos at the time.

So, to answer your , question,
 I have no idea what your

"Government Controlled Wannabe Indians"

do for ceremonies or if there is a

"Traditional Elder"

on site for direction.
 I can only follow the wisdom of our ancestors?

I'm talking 61 years of their teaching!

The rest of my 75 years (that’s 14 to you), I have been trying to teach their teaching.

So, if you have never been to a ceremony the likes of what I have been writing about.
I believe that you are jumping on the wrong set of moccasins?

Blessing to you and yours from Kiehtan (Your Creator).


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