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I receiver a comment on my posting about weddings, a very good comment because it was able to stimulate my brain, a real challenge lately?


As you know, most weddings are set for a day, many lasting into the night.

The new couple heads out for their "Honeymoon!"

The families and friends eat, drink, dance and get acquainted or re-acquainted.

This is great and as it should be.

Then life goes on and this is also as it should be?

My good friend reminded me of this and the fact that many tribes, our tribe included (Mohiigan's), wedding ceremonies could be a year or more in the planning, or much less, it is up to the couple and the Spiritual Leader.

There could be many supper gatherings (a time to socialize and make the plans),before and/or after.

However, the actual ceremony is with Creator, spiritual leader and the couple,
notice the no capital letters with the exception of Creator, with friends and family gathered around.

This usually however, again it is up to the couple, starts at sunrise or sunset outside weather permitting.

Because it is, as with all ceremonies, a Sacred Spiritual Prey for unity between the couple and their Creator.

The only gifting is on the day or night of the ceremony and is

"A Blessing from Creator to the couple and all present at the ceremony."

Gifting including Kinnick-Kinnick, takes place in the supper gathering or gatherings.

The honeymoon is up to the couple.

However, their first anniversary and the next (12 Months), 13 altogether are also of a ceremony anniversary.

Sort of a re-marriage of their love and commitment to Creator and one another?

Thank-you for your comment my friend! <3

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