What is a Thirteen Moon Ceremony?

So what is this 13 moon ceremony that so many people want in on and why all the fuss?

13 sections on a turtle (Mother Earth) back.

A story about our people, Mother Earth and Kiehtan.
Native American Country/Indian Country
Native Americans throughout Indian country call Mother Earth, Turtle Island, we call her this because Grandfather sent us to Mother Earth on Grandmother Turtles back, and a turtle has 13 sections on her back that held onto the original 13 tribes.

A 13 Moon Ceremony is an extremely Sacred part of our culture because it is the only way to keep and strengthen any tribe.

I am not at all happy to be writing this, please look at it as words from the ancestors?

We understand that people that feel the ancestors, want to belong to a tribe of caring, teaching, active, natives however, this is why it is guarded so well?

The early visitors to this land that we, 'for simplicity', call,
"Native American Country/Indian Country,"
all used a calendar with your familiar 12 months?

January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December?

We, the native people over in the Northeast did not, we had what you know of as the seasons.


Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall different name of course not necessary for this post to help my followers understand.

People of the land did not have thousands of replacement warriors or loss of females taken in war after a battle or war.

So our ancestors needed a way to keep from extinction.

So, as one can see, this ceremony was once a season in each of the four seasons.

In this season we hold the 13 moon adoption ceremony.

This is an adoption into the Royal Family, the only true traditional adoption since time?

While a male Shechaim is the leader of the people, a female is the only adoption allowed, while a female Shechaim is the leader a male is the only adoption allowed.

This rule set down by the elders helped at keeping the line from growing too large and or watered down.

Plus keeping a leader humble.

As you can see this must be carefully guarded and well documented because if the newest member wishes to continue on to become a Head Clan Mother, splinter tribes could fall under her/his rule and this could mean casinos.

Because of the "Death Bed Promise," after I cross this person can become the Shechaim.

So, we do not adopt until that person is completely familiar with all ceremonies, the culture and the wishes of our ancestors?

One cannot just say

"I want to be adopted" and a magic warn is waved over your head and 'BANG', you are adopted?

This my Followers/Friends in answer to a number of Facebook questions!

That is one reason why I spend as little time as possible on Facebook.

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