Who is a Native American Gate Keeper

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Native American Gate keeper?
August 7, 2012 /
Grandfather (Ojeesan, Ohe-he-shun) a name for God.


Who is a Native American Gate Keeper?

It must once again be time for Snowbirds coming south for retirement?

This word (Gatekeeper) comes up many times so this time I will answer in my usual long winded posting?

Every once in a while I get questions this time of the year like this one.

Always remember that there was, is and will never be a Gatekeeper in a true traditional "Eastern Woodland" Native American Ceremony.

Today we have Arena directors?
Gatekeepers ?
and so on
in powwows in and around the east-coast?

In our ancestors time on Mother Earth in the New England Area, the leader was known as the Shechaim newer name (Sachem).

However, from the beginning this leader has always placed a

"Head Clan Mother"

in charge of tribal matters with discretion of course.

This Head Clan Mother often split the tribe into clans with at least one of her clan mothers at the head of that clan, depending on how large the tribe was?

In each clan would be a military person (Warrior), this person was always in charge of the entrance in the east of a circle,

and the west at Creators seat, (another posting)?

The word (Gatekeeper) is an occult word that came into far too many native tribes in the last 30 or so years.

The word Arena Director came in from rodeos, caravels and circus?

In the ancestors days on Mother Earth gathering were called Paw-Paus.

Followed by a word change to protect the Sacred Culture, of Pow-Wow.

A Warrior (Head Veteran) would be at the door of gathering inside an enclosure and in the east at Paw-paus and powwows.

An Elder Head Veteran is the person or persons that would stand guard at the opening of the village while warriors were away hunting of in battles.

The Head Veterans job is to, with the help from the Fire keeper and assistant, smudge, in the northeast with Kinnick-Kinnick, in the east coast areas, sage, herbs and sweet grass including Kinnick-Kinnick.

Next would be to lineup the Sacred Staff, flags and the dancers.

When all this is complete signal the MC to start Grand Entry.

A Head Veteran should not leave sight of the east incase dancers have questions without a back up like for instance the Fire keeper.

In a true traditional gathering, powwow, (Paw-paus), both must also keep the smudging, cleaning, clearing and the fire ongoing in the west.

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