New England (Non-Recognized Tribes)

Received a note from a friend from up there in cold country, I was wondering if I lost them all after so many years in retirement, glad to hear from one every now and again.

One of the many (Requests) from my elders and the last request from my Grandfathers Head Clan Mother two days before her crossing, I was proud to help her and her family in our Crossing Ceremony, was always keep the tribes that do their best at keeping Kiehtan, our Culture and Ceremonies alive in their hearts, in my heart in whatever I do on this walk around Mother Earth?

I am trying?

I get my ears bent back and my fingers on the keyboard whenever any of them get slighted or thrashed on.

I must keep remembering that there are so many people un-like Senator Al Franken, a member of the Indian Affairs Committee, that should know better however, apparently does not!

So I should be cut them a little slack and a lot more patience?

If you are ever in the N Y/New England area and wish to join in ceremonies, look for the 'smaller non-government recognized tribes' for a lifelong blessing?

Many of the tribes around traded in their ancestors, ceremony and culture for a casino so beware.

Nothing against money!

And if one wishes to gamble away their hard earned money it is none of my business however, taking the last dime from an elder that clearly cannot afford it still infuriates me!

Thank-you for your visit my friend and may Kiehtan keep on blessing you and yours.

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