Aho Native American Meaning

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Meaning of AHO

To get to the meaning of this and most of our words translated into your language we should do a little background work?

We believe that many tribal ancestor came through the Bering Strait from the west.

This would answer a few questions as to the where and how of our language?

Many non-natives came to the land from the east and in one way or another, settled with our people?

So, let's take the word Aho?

Many countries around the wrold use this word and so do many Native American Tribes.

You also must remember that one of your, if not the only stopping place was to our site,

Meaning of AHO

The main use of this word from our people in the New England Area is a way of an agreement.

It is also used at the end of a statement as 'Case Closed'!

For instance, a leader of the people firmly stands with the talking stick and at the end states "AHO!"

In other words no more discussions on that subject!

Florida, on the other hand and please no disrespect intended, is a state of many, many mixed breed people and I am not an expert on language that the masses have settled on, sorry

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