"Nick the Wildlife killer!"

Bear hunting season set to begin in Florida
Bear hunt to begin despite protests
Nick Wiley's latest bold in your face lie!
Elusive Bears!

He said today,

"The Black Bears are so elusive that I believe few bears will be killed!"

Nicky, Nicky, Nicky!
If the Black Bear is that "Elusive!"

How do you know that there are over 3,000 left in Florida?

If they are in fact so elusive, why then are you allowing a hunt on a 'Guesstimation' that could end the Black Bear in Florida?

Better question, why not at the very least, place the hunt in the area where humans are causing the problem with their dog food and trash?

How large was your 'Check'?
Was it bigger than your bosses check?

We had the chance to see why you are such a liar this morning on TV Channel 6 Orlando news!

You are just a little, old, grubby, human, wannabe man, without a real life!

You must have been picked on all of your life by real men and the wildlife in Florida must now pay for this?

Happy hunting "Little Man that Lies!



My new 'Indian' name for Nick of Florida.

"Nick the Wildlife killer!"

If you don't believe me read his 'Bio'

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