Pipe Ceremony, Traditional

Native American pipe ceremony, Traditional


Welcome Vancouver British Columbia Canada

To two of our postings about our pipe ceremony

Native American pipe ceremony, Traditional

Our Native American pipe ceremony

I notice that you came right to the first site?

The fear is why or how?

Because of the distance I wish to clear up any differences you may have encountered while out looking on the net or talking to friends?

We write often about our ceremonies and this is just another reason why.

While I have not had the pleasure as yet to visit your area in and around Vancouver, it is a long way from our people.

And you might have noticed that the many tribes along the way have different ways to a ceremony such as a 'pipe ceremony'?

We in this area of Indian Country do not use tobacco with chemicals in it.

We do however, use fresh tobacco, planted without chemicals along with many other herbs provided so generously by Kiehtan our name for Creator.


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