The Meaning of the word Aquine?

Thank-you for yet another excellent question that is in need of a respectable answer from our ancestors.

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To one of our many postings on (Aquine).

An excellent question for a few reasons.

An Algonquin word for (Pease)
as in welcome,
we/you/they come in friendship.

Most if not all of your country and many in the central and west of our country have changed the spelling to (Aquene) and as far as I know the same meaning or close to it?

Athabaskan Languages.

As with most of our wordings, Native People, while taking our census, the Census Takers, bastardized our language far beyond recognition?

This is just one more of the many!


While reading our postings you will see statements like, "your town/city/country might have some ceremonies different from ours simply because of the distance between us?"

The same thing with much of our language.

Again, Taw-But-Ni (Thank-You) for your visit, hope that you can stick around for a little more reading about our people?

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