Water or Burial ceremony?

How is the water ceremony important during an American Indian burial ceremony?

Royal Oak Michigan


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Traditional Native American (Indian) Burial Information.



We do not use water, unless a close family member of the Crossing ceremony, is from a tribe in the central or western tribe

and requests a time for one that prays to Creator, free of charge

(except for a tobacco gift for use at the ceremony).


We do not charge for ANY

of our


Yes, the tribes of the East Coast have a Water Ceremony.

It is nothing like the 'Plains and West Coast' ceremonies?

Not a thing wrong with their ceremonies, all of their ceremonies!

Only we, the true traditionalist of the Northeast,

believe in keeping most of our Sacred Ceremonies

between Creator (Kiehtan) and the people.

Between Kiehtan and our People?

Our Water Ceremony is a Clan Mother Ceremony, once a moon.
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