Smudging and Christianity

As long as I can breathe, I will never stop preaching on this subject.

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Is smudging Christian


Christian Smudging Ceremony

February 21, 2013

Smudging is in our Native American culture, Christian's culture and we must understand that smudging is also found in many other cultures such as the Occult.

I bring this up on every posting about smudging because in today's world, for some reason, the occult smudging and their ceremonies are showing up in our Native American culture/ceremonies.

This should never happen and must stop.


Because, smudging is really another type of prayer, a very important part, but is another way to pray.

The Occult has their god to smudge to; the Native Americans and Christians have their god to smudge.

However, these gods are 180 degrees out from one another.

Native Americans, Christians, Jews and Muslims pray to their god, the Creator of creation.

The Occult pray to their god, a creation.

Remember, when I talk about Native Americans, I am always speaking from the teaching of my ancestors, unless otherwise stated.

Occult Wicca

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