Mass Shooting around the World

Why is there so much crime in the world today?
Especially in the "Free World?"


Shooting in France, England, Germany, United States, Belgium, and so on.

I believe, in part,
the lack of
and no fear in a God
(Supreme Being).

Is there or is there not a Supreme Being controlling the Universe?

The truth is it really does not matter who is right
Darwin or the Believers!

The real point should be,

If more and more people believe that once dead, you are dead.

That there is nothing else.

Why not just take from those you can, as often and any way that you can!

If there is no Supreme Being (God),
Evolutionist wins.

If there is a Supreme Being (God), controlling everything with-in and outside
of the Universe,
believer's win.

Today, the world (Free World) is banking that Darwin's one book,

(On the Origin of Species).

Will beat four of a kind!

Written by God.
Written by God.
Written by God.
The complete race of First People, of the Americas,
"Belief in a Creator."

The biggest problem and it is a 'biggie,'

"What it you are wrong and there is a Supreme Being?"
Does not count in the 'after life,' Truth Does!
On Darwin Day, 5 facts about the evolution debate

FEBRUARY 12, 2016

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