A DNA test cannot tell Native American Roots

 In my 75 years traveling around
Mother Earth to native gathering
in New York, New England,
Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware
and parts of Northeast Canada.

There was no problem believing that the people we met were in fact,
Native Americans,
no DNA test or the need of proof of blood percentage from anyone.

That is "Until around the middle 1980's!"

Non-native politicians stepped in, to change the laws
and settle our 'land claims'

In other words, to do away with our land claims.
One might tend to guess, the speed of the internet had a little to do with it?

I tend to believe that the
"Government Controlled Indian Appointment of Casino Indian Reservations,"
and their Money was the reason!

From across the Mississippi River started showing up at our gathering and bulling elders, pushing what did not work, with their elders, at these Eastern Gatherings.

Not my grandfathers gatherings,
never allowed at mine, my fathers,
or my grandfathers gatherings!


Well, now that most of  the elders have crossed or retired,
they seem to be back like the greedy vultures that they are!

Now on the this article
Scott Brown:

A DNA test can’t tell us
if Elizabeth Warren
has Native American roots

To which my response was:

Can she?

Would a DNA test
actually answer that question?


Nanibaa' Garrison is a bioethicist and assistant professor of pediatrics at Seattle Children's Hospital. A Native American, she earned a PhD in the Department of Genetics at Stanford, with a dissertation focused on ancestry. In a phone call Tuesday afternoon, she explained why Brown's suggestion -- and the Republican National Committee insisted on Tuesday that it was only that, a suggestion -- wouldn't do any good.

"It's really difficult to say that a DNA test would be able to identify how much Native American ancestry a person has," Garrison said.

That's because determinations of ancestry are based on "ancestry-informative markers" -- genetic flags that offer probabilities of the likelihood of certain ancestries. Most of those markers, AIMs, are "based on global populations that are outside of the U.S.," she said, "primarily people of European descent, people of Asian descent and people of African descent.

should a Warren
to Native Americans?

June 30, 2016

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