What is Ziek?

Been very busy for a few days.

50.2653958 LBS and 9 Years old

Ziek a member of the Moiigan Clad.

What is Ziek?

Our newest
"Lord of the Household!"
(Rescued Dog)!
ZIEK (Strong Warrior) in our language,

The Moiigans (Maïngan – Yáw – Wolf-People), sounds like Z E E K in English.

Back a few years ago when I was 11 or 12,

O.K. so more than a few years ago, who's counting?


I was passing by a restaurant (the Birds Eye); with my father while on the way to the Grocery store up the street.

Just before passing the restaurant, we noticed two skunks walk around the side of the building and into the opened front door of the bar/restaurant.

My father told me to stand by the window (front window), and he would be right back.

While looking in the window, I could see him walk up and speak to, what turned out to be the Bartender, the Owner, and everyone else; by this time were a group of 'Wallflowers'

Then he, my father, walked over to the two skunks that were in the doorway to the restaurant in the back, pick them both up by their tails, walk out the front door and around to the back of the building.

As I followed him, I could hear him talking to both skunks in, 'what to me sounded like broken English/Mohiigan'.

He gently placed the skunks at the top of the hill and walked back into the Birdseye Restaurant.

As we continued our walk to the store, father told me that he bet them that he could remove, still alive and with no smell, both skunks within 5 minutes and so he did.

He collected his bet and

I no longer wonder why my grandfather named him, Ziek

(Strong Warrior).

Today, blessings have been flowing down from Kiehtan (Creator), by way of my grandfather to my father to our family.

Because we are proud parents of our newest member of the family, Ziek our 9-year-old male dog.

We met and fell in love with a dog whose named at the time was,

 Gator (A353403) a staff favorite!

Jason Guy and Gator were on WESH 2 News Orlando 

Jason Guy is not only a journalist, but also a former reality TV star and radio host.

He co-anchors WESH 2 News Sunrise and WESH 2 News at Noon.

WESH 2 NEWs Orlando

And very much an animal lover.

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