Silverback Gorilla. Harame

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To one of our postings.

This one about what I am calling,

"A Rush to Judgment!"

A quick, foolish, move, by un-trained zoo personal!

Harame the Silverback/Clan Mother the Black Bear


I am no expert, but many people that are experts, are stated that Harame was just trying to protect the little boy, something that it would seem, his parents were not capable of doing all that well!

Yes. I have 5 children, last count, 13 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren, so I know how fast one or more can get into trouble however; this was at a 'Gorilla Enclosure' in a zoo with poor setup fencing!

If you cannot care for two children maybe, you should care more about where you are taking them.

Because you as the parent did not think more carefully, a child is hurt and an endangered Silverback is dead!

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