“Operation Powwow.”

“Operation Powwow.”
An Apache Tribe
not recognized
by this
federal government?
Not only that, this tribe is in Texas.

Anyone in the state of Texas care to ask your ancestors, if they believe in the Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas?

The State of Texas does remember, the government of this 'Free Country,' the United States of America, does not!

This is what I fight for.

The over 75% of the First People on this land,
that this government
shuns, denies and has punished for over
"Two Hundred Years!

The first explorations of the US mainland area by Europeans
were by Spaniards in the early 16th Century.

Native Indian tribes had lived in
North America for about 25,000 years.
The New England Natives were the first to be
removed by force
from their land.

Pardon this Statement!

For that matter
Texas Apache tribe flies free:
Robert Soto July 7, 2016

After a decade-long fight, the Feds admits
Native American religious freedom
applies to eagle feathers.


As our country celebrated its birth of freedom this week, members of my tribe, the Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas, celebrated, too.

We celebrated because after 10 years of fighting the federal government, we have won our religious freedom.

As a Lipan Apache, I have been a feather dancer for almost 50 years.

I dance as my father taught me and as my people have done for centuries. Our dancing is how we worship God.

Yet in this great nation founded on freedom, not everyone is free to worship.

Ten years ago the federal government sent an undercover agent to raid my family’s powwow.

As my family and friends drummed and danced, the agent intruded on the sacred circle of the powwow and interrogated us.

He confiscated nearly 50 of our sacred eagle feathers and threatened us with fines and prison. He did this because my tribe, the Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas, is recognized by historians, anthropologists, and the state of Texas, but not recognized by the federal government and therefore did not have a “permit” for our worship.

The government called this covert invasion
“Operation Powwow.”

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