Thank-you Tim Tebow for your quick response

The Republican National Convention.
Tim Tebow said, NO THANKS Donald!
Thank-you Tim Tebow for your quick response to the faults statement being spread by hopeful republicans.

In addition, we have been praying for a special blessing from Tim Tebow's God (Kiehtan, Creator), to all of our WordPress, Facebook, and Twitter, close family, friends and followers for your 'tenacious postings' and 'tweets' to correct such a horrible rumor!

One might come to except such lies, rumors and faults statements from (Non Practicing Christians), in our government, with little to no knowledge of their bible.

However, only a few that actually read with understanding like the Tebow Family.

Thank you to my major sports hero for, when finding out about this lie, coming forward with such a strong rebuttal!

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