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Matriarch in the tribe
Welcome Rochelle Illinois
To one of many of our websites and blogs that talk Matriarchs in the tribe.
Matriarch in our Indigenous tribe

Matriarch tribe refers to a group of people that treat a female as at least an equal to a male.

What is the role of a head matriarch in indigenous tribes?

The Matriarch in our Indigenous tribe
( the Eastern Woodland American Native people)
is the oldest female

(Oldest in knowledge in culture, ceremonies and the tribe)
Oldest in this instance refers to knowledge about the tribe
not automatically because of the number of years.

Always remember to check the distance between where you are while asking your questions and all questions are always welcome, and the place, in this case New England Area (Uncasvillage), that the answer is coming from.
All tribes throughout Indian country can have some of the same ceremonies/culture and some tribes throughout Indian country can have many of the same culture/ceremonies.
But not many of all of the tribes will have all of the same ceremonies/culture throughout Indian country.
A little play with President Abe Lincoln's address.

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