Stop the crying and let us get to work.

We the people need to stop the crying,
 roll up our sleeves
and get to work.
In this as in so many other articles lately
native Americans (Indians),

 complaining because Hillary
did not spend enough time
with them.
Bernie Sanders spent more time
with them then she
did this year.
Where was Bernie Sanders
for the other
35 plus years?
What has the Clinton Family
been doing
those same
past 35 plus years?
Caring for you,
the country
your children
of course!

Native Americans want President Clinton (Madam President),
to see the Substance shown at the DNC, take birth and grow into reality.

First we need to
"Get out the Vote
Elect her!"

While we are at it,
"We need to help this country to,
send the
(Deadheads in Congress),
vote in
Madam President Helpers!"
Native Americans have seen much more representation this year at the DNC: they were chosen  to call out state votes in the nomination process and participated in talks with the White House and Democratic Party Monday on the opening day of the convention. The value of that increased visibility -- and the efforts made in the past eight years under President Barack Obama to establish better coordination between federal agencies and tribes -- is not lost on Native American delegates at the DNC. But they also cautioned that tribal nations face real problems, and optics at the convention can’t be a substitute for policy.
“I think it’s important to go beyond lip service, to start implementing policy. To start being active,” Sharon Peregoy, a Native American delegate and state representative for a district in Montana that houses two tribes, said.

Peregoy said many Native American delegates supported Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who repeatedly visited tribes on the campaign trail to discuss issues they cared about, including land use and environmental issues. Clinton didn’t make the same overtures during the primaries, so she didn't drum up the same support, Peregoy and others said.

“What I have not really heard yet is if Hillary is going to move forward on” a favorable platform for Native Americans, Peregoy said. “She didn’t really reach out to us during the primary.”

Delegates said they'd like to hear Clinton take a page from Obama’s book when it comes to Native American rights. Under his administration, the federal government moved to pass the HEARTH Act (which promoted tribal sovereignty), permanently reauthorized the Indian Health Care Improvement Act, expanded protections for women on tribal lands and worked to resolve litigation between the federal government and tribal governments, some of which are over one hundred years old.

Clinton’s official website promises to continue that legacy and expand protections for Native American youth. But some delegates at the convention said they wanted her campaign to work harder to establish ties with tribes. 

Native Americans At DNC 2016:

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