Does smudging get rid of good spirits?

Another very good question and I am pleased to see that it is being asked once again.

Because each time that it is asked and answered.

at least my followers and the 'first people on Mother Earth',
get to read it.

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To one of our posting about spirits,

Does smudging get rid of good spirits also?



Smudging to me is a talk with Kiehtan (Creator) because after all friends, ‘nothing gets done’ without the blessing from Kiehtan (Creator)!

Kiehtan (Creator)
is our name for what many of the people on Mother Earth call

In our culture, at least my people,
Kiehtan is a loving God
and the Creator of all.

Also in our culture,

Lucifer (Satan, Devil)
is known as the evil one,
(Trickster, Powwow, or Coyote).


As with your God,
Trickster tried to overthrow Kiehtan.

Trickster (Lucifer),
was created by Kiehtan (God),
and as with Lucifer.

Trickster along with his Warrior Chiefs and warriors,
was thrown-down on
Mother Turtle's Back until the end of time.

So, prayer to remove a

"Bad Spirit from you or whatever,"

Will not remove any

"Good Spirit,

un-less you wish your Good Spirits to leave you.

Why would anyone wish to lose the protection

from Kiehtans (Good Spirits)?

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