Hillary Rodham Clinton (WE GOT THIS)!

Hillary Rodham Clinton

You have
'Millions of Fans, Friends, Voting Public and Family
throughout this country
millions more around God's Green Earth
that love and wish to see you
as the President of the
United States of America.

You have always treated your Friends, Family and we your Fans as your family.

So, as your Family
(We got your back)!

get healthy
ready to continue what your friend,
President Obama,
has started for this country.

Moving from the distasteful past that 'The Donald,'
wants to bring us back too in the next eight years.

Please do not worry
if the media gets upset
because you are not spending,
as they say,
enough time hearing from you.
Not one of them cares about you,
they just want to find
pieces of your truth
to stretch into
their lies
run with those lies!

Do not worry about what Donald Trump,
the hundreds of Super Pac's
the Republican Party
say about your innocent Emails?

Not one of them would know Innocent if it smacked them in the face!

Madam President,
you have spent most of your life caring for the people.

Please allow us (your family), in helping you to help us?

No one.
I repeat,

Has had to put up with the
lying, garbage,
that has constantly been
trying to trip you
while you are on your path
to a better country
for your Family.

On top of all this.

Like a Mother Hen
that cares for your chicks,
you have every right to get a little weak in the knees
while reliving what happened to you city
(New York)
the country
(The United States of America)!

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