Why are you following my blog?

Why are you following my blog?
Don't get unset.
I am just wondering?

Why would a person that never really reads my posting, disagrees with everything that I stand for, and hates the people that I love.

Want to follow me and write foolish statements occasionally.
Proving that he does not read a post.
only what he thinks the post is about?

For instance.

I am not an African American as such.

Although I am proud to have a mix-breed as an ancestor.

Does Rape from a Redneck Slave owner count?

I am not a Muslim however;
I enjoy my Muslim friends and followers
and would enjoy more of them.

I cannot go back to where I came from,
because my ancestors have been on this land

(Mother Earth)

For hundreds if not thousands of years.

This is where I came from.

I am not a member of the LGBTQ Community however,
I am proud to be accepted by many friends and followers that are.

Moreover, would always enjoy many more.

My am, although admittedly poor as a teacher.

A Native American Spiritual Teacher,
so I cannot nor will I ever stoop to your level
by the use of foul language.
I am just interested in
(What's the point)?

No my friends, you may not read his comment!

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