Sachem Uncas through the eyes of his descendents

Sachem Uncas through the eyes of his descendents
Welcome Montréal, Quebec, Canada

To Sachem-uncas

Sachem Walkingfox Carries His Mohegan Staff
Flute music credit:

On this web site are some of my thoughts

You may or may not know that our ancestors and your ancestors were friendly neighbors,

before our conquering rulers placed an imaginary 'Trump Wall,' between their nations.

You might also  be interested in knowing that, because of the distance between tribes through-our Indian Country, tribes will have differing culture and ceremonies.

There are 343.9 miles (5 hrs 46 minutes) by vehicle from

Montréal, Quebec, Canada
(Maïngan People).
Back before first contact, our ancestors walked or use the waterways.

And much later, horse.


Knowing this, did you find everything that you were looking for.

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