Treaties, what treaties?

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!
 Treaties, what treaties?
This is ridicules',
this government
as late as
President Ronald Reagan
as early as the
'Trail of Tears,'
came to an agreement with our people and gave our people land in exchange for settling hundreds of trillions of dollars and the treaties owed to Indian Country.

The land in question is unusable land for any forward progress by this government.

This government made yet another treaty with our people and called this land

(A Sovereign Nation).

No one above or below the Canadian/American boarder, except the Filthy Rich Canadian and American oil companies and their puppets in the two governments, want the pipeline going over, under, or through the drinking water, Sacred Burial places and the promised Sovereign Nations of Indian Country.
Well my Followers,
take a good look at our government in action!

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