I do not belong to a Casino

I do not belong to a Casino

I have been inundated with visits from in and around the Northeastern lands of Indian country for about a month.

Each one looking for information about my people.

And each one coming to this one site for one reason or another?

 I believe that it is time once again to state.

"I write from the teaching of the ancestors and the ancestors did not take from people, they gave to everyone in need."

I write to try to the best of my ability to help keep, what I conceded to be, the wisdom, pride and love of my elders now ancestor.

My ancestors are from the New York New England Area.

As my followers know, I made a 'deathbed promise' to my grandfather, renew this to my father for life, and will never break this promise.

"I will not violate my covenant at the altar!"

(No Gaming of any kind ever).

If you are looking for information about my people, I will do my best to answer your questions.

If you are looking to join a casino, please try contacting a casino.

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