Does smudging get rid of good spirits

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Does smudging get rid of good spirits also? 

Smudging to me is a talk with Kiehtan (Creator) because after all friends, ‘nothing gets done’ without the blessing from Kiehtan (Creator)!

Not only will smudging have little effect on 'Good Spirits.'

Smudging will have little effect on any spirits without a blessing from your supreme being.

no matter what country you live in,
what your religion or belief is

Is only a prayer to,
in my case,
Kiehtan (Creator)
you might call your god?

The amount of success of the smudging,
no matter how much you do
how long you do it,
will depend on your faith in your God.

Little to no faith, little to no effect.
Some to medium faith, some to medium effect.
Good to excellent faith,
"Get out of the way"

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