Smelly Concerns -Dump in the news

One Trash to Energy Plant
would power
all of Medical City!

Smelly Concerns -Dump in the news again

Type into your service engine
words like
Orange county Florida dump
for the surprise of your life.

This and every dump in Florida

has been

'Over filled for at least 10 years.

Still Florida keeps throwing

good money after bad plans.

Every year of those past 10,

Florida just pays for yet another survey of the dump.

Floridians can do this
 (For Free)!
Yes, it stinks, do the right thing!

Stink, Snakes, Flies, Mosquitoes, Bird Poop, Rats, and Mice
Oh My!

Now the smell from the Orange County Orlando Florida Dump

is into the riches city in the state

because the wind has changed!

Lake Nona Medical City Residents

Lake Nona Orlando Florida
Just two of my many posting about this
'Land Fill.'
“Landfill odors are my No. 1 priority,”
Orange County
Solid Waste manager Jim Becker.

Orange county officials have the landfill smell answer.

April 6, 2016 / sachemspeaks

Once again Florida is proud to be the

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