I know what is wrong with our society today

I know what is wrong with our society today
I know this because I have a teacher in the home.

I can see school systems in the media (Florida),
only allowing teachers to teach,
how to pass tests!

I have a teacher in the house that could not take the
Day after day after day
only allowed teaching her students, how to pass
Test, after test, after tests!

When these students grow to adulthood, the only thing that they will be qualified to do is,

pass test after test after test.

They end up stealing guns and robbing people.
On our Florida news channels today
Crime is down in Florida
except for
Car thefts?

As with our president to be,
Tweet after tweet after tweet!

As you must know by now, our,
soon to be president
must Tweet.

Because he needs the people around him,
to proof read
spell-check his work.
Watch the next time he looks at the teleprompter while faking a speech to the cameras.

Donald Trump is the only person to sit at
Chess Table

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