Welcome and thank-you Ann Arbor, Michigan

For asking about two very important ceremonies in the culture of the Moiigan, people.

Smudging is always an important part of the lives of the Native American people throughout Indian Country.
Because it is our way for speaking with Creator.
A fire keeper is a tribal way of maintaining the fire in a gathering, if you have a fire in your gathering.

As stated many time in past posting and websites, I have been blessed to have been able to visit many gatherings around Indian Country.

I noted that some tribes place the fire in the middle of their circle.
some do not have a fire.


Some place the fire outside of the circle.

Outside of the circle in the west, in the gathering of the people throughout the

New England Area.
or should I say,
was the preferred ceremony of our ancestors.

Smudging the correct way.


Smudging is one of the top five questions that come to our blogs and websites.

So, as you have just learned.

Smudging is our way of speaking with Kiehtan our Creator.


While smudging please keep this in mind.
(Speaking with your God).
No 'Bad Spirit' can stay!

How can a 'Bad Spirit,' be anywhere around while you are smudging?
A 'Fire Keeper' after a visit to the west
a proper cleansing of the circle,
is blessed with the responsibility of maintaining a clean, clear, circle
a steady fire.

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