Cranston Rhode Island

Cranston Rhode Island
A little misunderstanding I believe.

This is not impossible knowing my ability to write.

I know and my friends/followers know
that English was not even close
to being my favorite subject.
They forgive me and I hope that you will also?

I did not say,
because I know better,
that the 'First people of this land'
were not perfect and always peaceful.

if you had been following my blogs and websites
you would know that 

(The Moiigans People) were diggers and farmers.

Welcome Cranston Rhode Island College
To one of our postings

Group Aims To Dispel 400-Year-Old ‘Fake News’


As far as the natives of this land.


There was battling going on before first contact.

Up in Cold country Canadian
Indians came down to help themselves to well needed food

growing on our land


the Narragansett's,

once settled in what is now called the Rhode Island area


wanted to do the same to our land in what is now Connecticut.

I would not call it
battling by savages against savage,
would you?

I would however,
call what the Euro-Americans did, have done,


are still doing to our people,

acts by barbaric savages, wouldn’t you?

BOSTON (AP) — Fake news, quadricentennial edition: America's early settlers were all pious. The native people were savages. Freedom and liberty were available to all from Day One.

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