Native Americans are Immigrant

'First People' of the land came from the west while hunting their food source.
Mammuthus Primigenius (Woolly mammoths)


From the east by way of Norway through Iceland to Nova-Scotia.

The biggest difference between
then and now is
Killing to survive.
Killing for any reason,
such as to kill just to kill!

Soon after
'First Contact,'
the bullying, lying, stealing, assimilating, and assassination started and has never stop.

As you can see on the media daily, this government is still

"Bullying, lying, stealing, assimilating, and assassination!"

Thanks to the money from places like the NRA,
Guns do Kill!

Court denies Trump request to immediately restore travel ban

Published February 05, 2017

Trump forgot a few countries

Donald Trump's 'Tweetly'!
Everything Donald does he adds
the (L Y) to it?

Nuclear War; Guess who Wins/Losses?

Kellyanne Conway writs for trumps teleprompter

Donald Trumps bosses
President Владимир Путин
(Vladimir Putin).

Vice-President "Steve Bannon"
Stephen Kevin "Steve" Bannon"
Kellyanne Conway

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