Follow, Confirm or Delete Request

Follow, Confirm or Delete Request, that is the question?

It takes a lot of valuable time to go through requests.
This time is well spent
 if you believe,
as I do,
that we should have had a better turnout
on Election Day
we would not have been
stuck with what we have today!
A master of deception.

As my followers know by now.

I am a Retired Traditionalist Native American Elder, Spiritual Teacher, from the New England.

So to start with,
'Bad language or photos and followers with bad language and/or photos
must be, Delete Request.

I am and have been for many years,
a follower of
'President Clinton and Family, all of the family'.

Coming from the Northeastern part of Indian Country,
I know Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders is, was and will always be an
Independent, Socialist, Politician
can never be a Democrat.
He also was a major confusion
to my Democratic party,
at a time in our history
when this country desperately needed
a Clinton in the Whitehouse.

Everyone knows by now
that Mr. Trump
is the master of

(Baffle them with Bullshit)!

I did not
will not vote
for or confirm
anyone that voted
President Baffle them with Bullshit (Mr. Trump)!

I believe that he studied
under, your Independent, Socialist, Politician,
Senator Bernie Sanders.

It should by now be obvious as to my feeling about the

(Do nothing for the people, Republican Party).

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