Yes, there are Indians in Indiana!

Richmond, Indiana
Yes, there are Indians in Indiana!
As I like to explain,
"I am always pleased to see visits to sites about
our culture and ceremonies
because it gives our ancestors, culture and people,
the chance to be in your thoughts and prayers."
 Is smudging Christian


Is smudging Christian

Pflugerville Texas

Is smudging Christian

Thank you for your question, this is a first.

As you may know from my past websites and posting, I write only about my people however, I have been around Indian country and believe that this is an agreement through out.

Smudging is not a religion, smudging is a prayer to Creator.

Many religions pray, many religions smudge however, I have never been to a Native American religion, do not believe that there is such a thing.

Now after saying all of that, many of us are Christians!

Please understand that I did not say that I was into the religion of Christians, I said that I follow the son of God (Creator)

Jesus refused to follow religion because humans have polluted religion!

Many of us use the name Father Sky for the son of Creator however, what's in a name?


May your own personal Creator (GOD) bring peace and good well to you and Mother Earth (the WORLD) today and the rest of our lives!

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