San Carlos, California

San Carlos, California
Ohlone People
You can see where my heart is.

"I am always pleased to see visits
to sites about our culture and ceremonies
because it gives our ancestors, culture and people,
the chance to be in your thoughts and prayers."
Welcome San Carlos, California

A Sacred Pipe Ceremony

After a very intense gathering ceremony, two of my Clan Mothers asked me to explain more about the pipe ceremony.

 Usually one would not do so in public however, after many questions as to why people are now doing so through-out the internet I decided to write this from my heart.

 Writing this information to please two of my elders

 While reading the following please remember this, We, the children of the Creator can bless NOTHING, the best that we can do is make ready for our Creator to come do the blessing, also as explained above I only speak about my people.

 (The Matriarch’s of my people). 

Elders please bear with me for a moment! In Indian country, this is about Native American Pipes. I have been to almost if not all American Native People throughout Indian country and at no time (While visiting Traditional Natives) would one ever see a show and tell pipe ceremony? NEVER!

First, we should talk about the most famous pipe of all, the Hollywood pipe (peace pipe). 

We have seen this pipe on Television since the television first came on line. After each battle in a movie, the white hat would demand this peace pipe!

Second the Friendship pipe.

Calumet (Pipestone) peace pipes are Plains Indian pipes! 

INDIAN CALUMET: The Pipe of Peace

By Christopher Nyerges  

A pipe used mostly in an Eastern Woodland society for welcoming someone to their village, or thanking someone, or just plain being friendly.

Sacred pipe

A pipe used in all Native American Ceremony’s. Not to be discussed in public only because the prayers while using this pipe are between the holder and Grandfather (Creator). The western Native societies (nations) use this very Special pipe and the non-natives

have shortened its use to call it a peace pipe.

Peace pipe, as explained earlier is a pipe used by Hollywood mostly to make the movies look better; usually this made the (Indians) look foolish.

However, the point in my story was that no pipe should be disrespected at anytime anywhere and never to be performed (show and tell) for the public!

Never a charge at any sacred ceremony!

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